Day 5, April 3 (Food poisoning and rain)

                It was raining when we woke up.  I hadn’t showered in 2 days, so I went downstairs to use the one at the hostel for 100yen. (pretty cheap)  The shower was basically a shower head attached to a hose and the temperature couldn’t be controlled easily.  It was fine though.  I was expecting the water to be freezing so I was thankful that it wasn’t.  I ended up having a shower that was cold/warm, and Ben had a shower that was burning hot. 
                We stayed in our rooms at the hostel all morning because it was pouring cats and dogs outside and I wasn’t eager to get my shoes soaking wet again like the first day.  The thunder and lightning outside was crazy and we could hear the rain pounding on the tin roof from inside.  The wind was throwing the rain around in buckets.  I’ve never experienced a thunderstorm like this in Canada, but this has been the second storm like this in 5 days.  I wonder if this is common.  Come to think of it, we passed a store yesterday entirely dedicated to selling umbrellas, they have a basket of umbrellas at the hostel, and outside most buildings there are racks for people to put their umbrellas on outside, and yesterday we passed a spot in an alleyway which looked like a graveyard for broken umbrellas.  My guess is that it rains a lot here! 
                Ben suddenly wasn’t feeling well and as it turns out, it was food poisoning and we suspect it was from the pork buns the day before.  The Air Canada barf bag I’d saved came in handy.  He rested all day while I studied.  We were both so stiff, and our butts and hips were sore from sleeping on our very thin futons for 2 nights.  Our shoes which were downstairs got soaking wet anyways because the water was pouring from the roof in the garage area.  We were still adjusting to the time change I think, so we spent the rest of the day inside and slept a lot.
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Ben and Kailey lived in Japan not too long ago and also visit Kyoto every year.

Ben is developing a Japanese Practice site. It's current main functions are:
1. a Flash Card system that features a leveling system where you must answer correctly and "level up"to gain new cards, receive money and buy new decks - anime decks included!
2. Fill in the Blank system where you can choose to focus on particle practice or verb practice etc.
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