Discovering Japan: Odd Japanese Displays

"...oh, they're just representations, not real."

Commonly seen in Japan are elaborate presentations of food.
Box of Assorted Candy

    At first glance you might not be able to tell, but the picture to the right shows a box of hard candy. Here they are shaped and colored to look like fruit slices and other food. We were looking for a specific music shop for Kailey and ended up in a covered shopping area where we first discovered these works of art.

Covered Mall area
The easiest way to describe Japan's covered shopping areas is to liken it to a North American shopping mall with no entrance or exits: one just walks into a corridor full of shops that has a domed sunroof 4 stories above. The shops are modern shops you would see in any north american mall with the exception of chain stores - there aren't any. Each shop is usually its own entity with the chain store/ franchise idea staying with the convenience stores.

Menu Display in front of a Kyoto Restaurant

I thought these were really cool. How do they get the sauce to stay on the plate so nicely? I suppose it's easier when they aren't real.
It seems restaurants will have the shops specific menu on display in addition to another "paper" menu beside it. The dishes are the exact replication of that shops menu.

These restaurants are not chains or franchises so it isn't the franchise that supplies them. There exist establishments that are hired to make such displays for the shops. These replica's look exactly like the food served, it's really cool.

These are called "Omrice" which is short for "Omelet and Fried Rice". It's a popular dish to make at home because you can make it with left over rice. The inside is frequently cooked chicken, vegetables, and fried rice among other things. It is served with different sauces that you can see here.

Gotta go! Life is good! So much to explore!


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