Updates 2: April 16th Check-in

April 16 (by Ben)

Classes are very fast paced and balanced around reading, writing, listening, and speaking. All Japanese classes are taught in Japanese. It might sound counter intuitive but, it works just fine. I go to Japanese class from 9-12:15 everyday. Then electives start at 13:15 onwards. I didn't take full electives. My electives classes are on Monday and Thursday, otherwise I'm just in Japanese classes.

We just bought bicycles two days ago. It is amazing to have a bicycle! When we bought them we went out to try find another piano place for Kailey that we were referred to. We ended up finding a really cool covered shopping/mall type place and the music store (albeit the wrong one). Then we rode back, it was nighttime and it felt so great. The night was clear, traffic was minimal, the sidewalks were wide (for the most part).

Now with the bikes I ride to school (2-3min), and Kailey rides to her practice place north about 10min ride.

Weather has been good lately - not random fast switching. The air and wind is warm, reminds me of alberta-type winds from the prairies.

Kailey is practicing for 2 hours everyday at a place north of here. We're still checking out other places that are cheaper to practice at and waiting for news from other sources. Kailey might be able to switch some piano teaching volunteering at Doshisha's woman's college to get to practice beforehand (hour or two) for free.  We'll see.

Walking around in Kyoto on a Sunday
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