Updates 6: Semester 2!

I write this with mixed feelings: I'm excited for a new semester, but "concerned" about the Japanese placement test next week.
Aren't wooden-car-assembling-people just the cutest things you've ever seen?
These little guys are from Nagoya's Toyota Museum.

I've had roughly a month and a half for a summer break. It was fantastic! I extensively visited many places in central Japan and had some time to unwind and relax from the stresses of last semester's jam-packed action adventure where me and my class laughed and cried together.... mostly from the happiness of sometimes having no homework or the sadness of multiple tests and 'homeworks' day after day after day for months and months and m...o...n....t....h...ssss.
  "I digress"

It's all beginning again. Sadly most of my previous classmates have gone their separate ways back to their country while me and two others remain. Though, I KNOW they're not unhappy about missing out on vocab tests everyday. But wait!! BEFORE I am allowed access to daily vocab tests, I need to take a placement test.
Kailey beside a Model 19d.3nc.d3.3.....Car Thinger
in Toyota's Museum in Nagoya

Actually, I need to take their placement test to determine WHICH vocab tests they shov... graciously allow me to take :).

I've got some pressure though. I was in their level 1 before, but some teachers encouraged and thought that I might enjoy level 4 this next semester instead of level 3, but I would need to get at least above 90% on the placement test section that contained my whole first semester of study...0.o

"Thanks teachers, I accept your compliment and challenge!!", I said to myself back then, "...after all, I've got a whole month and a half for studying!"


Placement test is next week and I haven't studied yet...

gotta go!
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