Vote Results: Current theme is "Daily Life"!

Vote Results

Hot and humid day at in the southern Kyoto Imperial Palace Grounds on a bridge overlooking a pond with Koi fish in it 

Thanks for voting everyone! As promised, one blog post for four weeks starting this coming Saturday. The winning theme was the "Daily Life" theme. What does this theme exactly mean?? I suppose it gives us free license (not as if we needed one :] ) to write posts about what we see around us, the things we do everyday, or what we're thinking is important (to us) at that moment.

As a sort of disclaimer, it won't necessarily focus on the "touristy" things that many people blog or snap photo's of. So if that's what you're looking for, then the next posts might be "boring". Also, the posts may have facts or events that are disorganized and probably completely unrelated to each other. But that's life; and, I think you'll find, if you didn't already know, that life in Japan is essentially very much like life in your country. 

Look forward to the first post this coming Saturday the 15th by Kailey!
A nicely designed lantern could be seen beside the pathway of a garden in Nagoya. 

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  1. Kailey and Ben, so good to hear news of your activities and your apartment looks inviting. Mom and Dad sure enjoyed seeing you and touring Japan. Happy wedding day. What colour was your dress? Send us a photo with your new camera. Just returned from Boise, Idaho. Active week with Phyllis Foxcroft, Bill,Sandy, Nancy and Bob. Enjoying Nancy's ceramics and Bob's art. Visited with Bill and Sandy, went to dinner with them and Phyllis and the children. Jack just had his 10th birthday party and Isobel is 12. Walked along the Boise River every morning with Phyllis and kept active with her friends where she lives at a senior facility. Glad you're able to enjoy your music. Love and best wishes, Grandma


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