Top 3 Actions I will do back home that I do in Japan

Here is a list of actions that I did in Japan, or that Japan helped me realize. I liked these things so much so that I think I'll use them whether I'm in Canada OR Japan!

1. Eat with chopsticks

There's no two ways around it, chopsticks are convenient. So you can't eat soup with them, big deal! You can eat almost anything else with them! If you can't, don't blame it on the chopsticks blame it on your skill with them lol. You can use them to cook with AND eat with. Enough with the billion utensils in the "utensil" drawer, just use chopsticks to stir, to whisk, to mix, to fry veggies etc. Notice I didn't say baking, COOKING. The real reason I love using chopsticks for everything is because it makes less dishes to wash! I abhor doing dishes. Knife, fork, spoon, wooden spoon, ladel, flipper-thing, smaller wooden-spoon gah!!! Those days are over! Get your new pair of Japanese Chopsticks today! haha. Chopsticks, mwah! Love em.

2. Be satisfied with less

As many people know or have heard, and a lot of it 
is true, Japan has smaller cars, smaller apartments, smaller streets, smaller.... the list goes on and on BUT!!! why is smaller that bad? Everyone's all up-in-arms in America about the waste and the unnecessary things that fill up daily life; so again, why is smaller bad? We don't need huge rooms or tons of them! We don't need such huge portions when eating out! Those unnecessary rooms are sitting unused most the time and our portions are enough for our bodies - or do you LIKE gaining weight due to increased portion size?

3. Keep active and fresh

I've always marveled at the Japanese how even those past 50 are very modernly stylish and don't look like slobs in public. We all marvel how Japanese never look their age. (Maybe it's because we reference OUR 30year-olds, or 50year-olds in our society and compare what 50year olds should look like). Blame it on whatever you want or pick it apart and point out all the bad things, but it makes a society look sharp thus generating a certain level of respect. If you can't take care of yourself, what can you take care of? When I am in Canada I will take the extra 5 minutes to make it so I don't look like a slob when out on errands.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and see you next time!


Ben and Kailey lived in Japan not too long ago and also visit Kyoto every year.

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2. Fill in the Blank system where you can choose to focus on particle practice or verb practice etc.
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