Do you want to stay in Japan?

Of course it is a personal choice whether or not you want to stay in Japan for a long time, here's how I approached the big question: Do you want to stay in Japan?

First of all, I love the culture, language, people, festivals, karaoke, noisy pachinko parlors, and serene architecture; but, for me, I want to be involved in it all and not just an onlooker, forever observing. Maybe it's like being a kid, playing video games at your friends house, and, instead of playing you're stuck watching your friend play. Or, maybe it's like being in high school with a group of good friends where you found out that last Friday they all got together, but you weren't invited.

At any rate, I set a condition for myself. I decided that I would not stay in Japan long term unless I was there involved in something useful to the Japanese society as in, a job in my industry: Economist or doing Econometrics (statistics & economic theory).

Because I love my industry and the mental challenge that advanced economics posits, I would not become a Japanese teacher or Hostel worker at the expense of never pursuing my dream economics career. Opportunity costs friends, opportunity costs (intro micro-econ. terminology).

So for you, I advise you to get a skill that the Japanese society will find useful - on top of learning Japanese. The Japanese know Japanese, so, unfortunately, you knowing Japanese fluently is not enough - you have to have other professional skills as well. You can do it though.

For me, if I can get a job related to economics in Japan, not teaching in university, that pays me accordingly, then I would go in a second!! And that's my resolution. Until I find  then, I'll continue working on my website to help people practice Japanese or tinker with my Chinese audio Pinyin pronunciation site.

Check out my websites, or tell me about opportunities that you know of in Japan that would hire an economist or aspiring data scientist/quantitative analyst!

Until next time!!

Ben and Kailey lived in Japan not too long ago and also visit Kyoto every year.

Ben is developing a Japanese Practice site. It's current main functions are:
1. a Flash Card system that features a leveling system where you must answer correctly and "level up"to gain new cards, receive money and buy new decks - anime decks included!
2. Fill in the Blank system where you can choose to focus on particle practice or verb practice etc.
 His Japanese Practice Blog is here. Check out the Japanese Practice site here

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