Day 7, April 5 (Alien Registration/ Buying a futon)

                We’d spent nearly all of our money the day before to get the apartment.  This morning we had a choice between two decisions regarding our remaining $38: to apply for Alien registration (register residence with the local municipality) and forgo breakfast until 2pm when Canadian bank limits reset allowing us to withdraw more money; or, to eat breakfast and forgo the Alien registration.  The real estate managers needed our phone number and Japanese bank account info, we needed to have Alien registration first for both these.  Alien registration costs $40.  We decided to be practical and go to the registration office and see what would happen.  We registered.  Turned out we didn’t have to pay till later, when the application successfully went through.  Breakfast Time!   Good thing too, cause I was getting grumpy from lack of food and we were both starving.
                Next thing was to go to the library at Doshisha and check on some things.  That was the only place we knew of for access to the internet.  In all the business of the food poisoning, getting money, and setting ourselves up with the apartment, Ben thought he might have missed some deadlines regarding class registration.  He sent an email to his exchange coordinators explaining the situation, and we headed home in time to meet the Osaka Gas Company representative for 1pm.  It was quite funny having him explain things to us and us not understanding a word of it.  He started laughing and gave up on his elaborate explanations.  Now we had hot water and gas for the stove.  We were so excited to have a hot bath!  It was glorious.
                 Next on the priority list was to get a futon to sleep on that night, so we went downtown again to the central Post Office and thankfully were able to withdraw more money from the ATM.  Like the search for money the day before, we began another difficult quest in search of a place that would cell futons.   We headed for Kyoto station again.  “The place where anything and everything can be found.”   We spent so much time walking around and following vague directions.  Even the people at the designated info booths didn’t speak English and could only point in general directions.  After a couple hours of searching, we found the department store that sold futons, and found one that suited our needs.  Carting it back on the subway was another thing, but we managed alright.  We had money, a warm apartment, hot water, and a bed now.  Things were really looking up.
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Ben and Kailey lived in Japan not too long ago and also visit Kyoto every year.

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