Day 8, April 6 (Applying for courses/ Buying household items)

                 Our immediate needs were satisfied, so Ben spent the morning applying for courses at Doshisha.  It turns out that the registration deadline for courses was that afternoon at 1pm.  He registered for courses, mainly to do with language and culture.  His courses were to start the following week on Monday.  We decided to take a walk to the other university nearby, Kyoto University which was a half hour walk away.  On the way, we found a dollar store and bought some other household items such as a bucket for washing clothes (since we didn’t know of a place to do laundry), laundry soap, some clothes hangers, shampoo, 2 mugs, 2 bowls, dish soap, a coffee strainer, coffee filters, tea strainer, instant noodles and chopsticks.  After checking out the other university campus, we headed back to our apartment, and bought some cheep umbrellas on the way to protect us from the rain.  We bought the ones that everyone else in Kyoto has so we could look like locals.  They were the standard clear see-through ones. 
                Next we went to Kyoto station and bought a rice cooker and a kettle.  We were really getting set up now!  That night we had noodles for dinner and another hot bath.  
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Ben and Kailey lived in Japan not too long ago and also visit Kyoto every year.

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1. a Flash Card system that features a leveling system where you must answer correctly and "level up"to gain new cards, receive money and buy new decks - anime decks included!
2. Fill in the Blank system where you can choose to focus on particle practice or verb practice etc.
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