Miyajima: The Floating Tori Gate!

~Miyajima Excursion~

(by Ben)
So to get to Miyajima we took a 30min local train ride to the ocean. Local train = slooow. The ferry was mainly in operation to take foot passengers to Miyajima where the popular photo of a Tori gate stands in the water in front of a temple.
getting on the ferry

just outside the terminal at Miyajima

We arrived from the 20min ferry ride at my head. Well, the part of the map behind my head. To the right the map shows the large Tori gate (orange thing) standing in front of the temple area in the bay.

There were a lot of overly tame deer on the island

for instance, this dear stole my map right out of my hand! then he ate it :(
 we started walking to the temple area

 there was shops and dear along the way. Shops sold some tourist things and some specialty sweets that Miyajima is famous for. The dear sometimes chased us in packs. They wanted our food... or paper... or anything - actually we weren't sure if they would jump on us so we tried to keep our distance....but they chased us anyways.

arrived at the head of the bay

bay temple behind me

" yayyyy the Tori gat....wait what?? construction?!!"
yea, the gate was under construction when we were there :(
Big Tori (gate) goes to this temple located behind it

front of temple
 while our friends paid and went inside the temple area, a couple of us climbed a random hill and found a huge temple and shrine!

overlooking the temple in the bay and other houses in the bay area

 we went back down the hill and met up with our friends who had finished walking around the temple area.

we all watched the sun go down before we walked back to the ferry terminal

these lights came on too! these lights lined the whole bay!

back onto the ferry!

 Then we caught a night bus back to Kyoto! Slightly uncomfortable, but cheap!! Left Hiroshima around 10pm, arrived in Kyoto around 6am. (I kinda forget the travel time at the moment, but the trip was long lol)
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