Daily Life 2: Japanese wedding clothes?

As I said in this other blog post, "We will write about these topics in the coming days."

Clothes to wear to a Japanese wedding. (Sept.14)
Eating with friends! From left: Atsuhiro-san, Satoshi-san, Me, Keiko-san

    On October 7, I’m playing with Satoshi (violinist at Americaya) for a wedding.  One of his cousins is getting married.  Yesterday, Satoshi and I went down to a rental shop for him to rent a fancy suit and for me to rent a dress.  Japanese weddings are very formal and so of course I didn’t have anything appropriate for the occasion.  The 3 Japanese ladies at the rental store were so funny.  When I meet new people, the first thing they ask me is whether I can speak Japanese.  So as I predicted that was the first thing the lady at the door asked me, and I replied “sukoshi” which means “a little.”  Her response was so funny.  She had a really excited look on her face and she replied “jouzu da ne!” which means “you’re so skilled!” Ha ha.  I only said one word and she reacted like I was fluent or something.  One thing I’ve noticed is that a foreigner will receive a lot of praise for knowing even a little bit of Japanese.  It’s quite encouraging for me, because my confidence and motivation for learning the language sometimes has its low points.  Learning a new language is a heck of a lot of work, I’ll say that. 

    Anyway they did have a dress which I liked, and Satoshi picked out a suit, so it was a successful trip.  The ladies were showing me how to walk properly by holding up the dress just a little on the side so the bottom didn’t drag while I walked.  It was really funny because they were pampering me quite a bit, and they were so friendly and motherly like, explaining everything to me in Japanese.  It was a good time and I’m really looking forward to seeing a Japanese wedding :)

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